We first provide a free initial assessment that can be booked by contacting us. We also give a consultation and a staff member will explain the assessment and consultation. The student is given a 30-90 minute assessment to complete and we provide the parents with important information. We can also answer any questions or concerns.

The assessment gives us information on the level of a student and their strengths and weaknesses. Targets can be set from the initial assessment and we can decide on which class to allocate the student. The grade from the assessment is documented and used to observe their progress.

We will then recommend which lessons the student would gain the most from. Quality Learning has a variety of classes during weekends and evenings. The student can begin lessons once registered. Students should have pens and pencils with them however we provide textbooks and workbooks.

Lessons are based on a six week study program and follow the National Curriculum. During the first four weeks, we will focus on difficult areas and in the fifth week there is an assessment on the topics that have been covered. The assessments show how much a student has improved and provide practice for exams. Our programmes let students maintain a balance of schoolwork and homework set by Quality Learning.

Our tutors ensure that they engage students and motivate them and students are able to ask for advice. Students are recommended to consider their future careers and work to achieve their targets.

Homework is set, marked and handed back weekly. Completing homework helps students remember what they have been taught. Homework marks are documented to monitor students’ progress.

At Quality Learning, we ensure communication is maintained with parents. We have regular meetings with staff members to check students’ progress and tutors record marks of every test and homework. This shows any weak areas for students and progress reports are available for parents. Working with parents allows students to meet and exceed their goals.