Which is better, group tuition or home tuition?

Small class sizes in group tuition are more successful in supporting and enabling children to learn more effectively. This is due to:

The Curriculum

A benefit of group tuition is curriculum planning. Home tutors usually help with homework and tests. At Quality Learning, not only do we prepare students for exams and encourage learning, we also train students to be able to answer higher-level exam questions which require the ability to think beyond the syllabus.

Quality Learning follows the National Curriculum and offers an inclusive programme of work that will help each student with their skills and weak points, adding to the lessons taught in school.

Reduced Pressure

One-to-one tuition at home can put pressure on a student as they are the only person in the lesson. A child is also easily distracted at home, for example, by family members, the television or the phone.

Quality Learning relieves students of this strain by providing a comfortable environment in which they are challenged and stimulated. Students are in small groups, reducing pressure on individual children, and have one-to-one help from tutors when required. Students at Quality Learning are at an advantage since they learn with a few others; they are able to do group discussions which improve their confidence and skills in public speaking.


A skilled tutor can cost £35 per hour or more which leads to at least £300 per month for a two-hour lesson in one subject. Quality Learning charges lower than this and provide better resources and an excellent service. Our lessons are taught in small groups by qualified teachers and we run lessons during holidays.

Therefore, we believe Quality Learning develops hard-working and ambitious students as we can give more attention to students than they receive at school. Quality Learning allows students to progress personally and academically.