Is Quality Learning Ofsted registered?


How long has Quality Learning been open?


When are the lessons?

We have lessons from 10am-4pm on Weekends and 5-7pm on Weekdays. Each lesson is 2 hours. We offer a free assessment test before enrolment so we know where to allocate your child.

Do you have group or one-to-one lessons?


Are your tutors qualified?

Our tutors are highly qualified teachers who have experience teaching at schools.

What are the costs of each lesson?


What are the sizes of each class?


Do you follow the National Curriculum?


Do students receive homework?


How is progress monitored?

Regular tests are taken and students must achieve 80%. If they have to retake the test, they must achieve 90%.

How long until a student’s results improve?


Do I have to stay in a long term contract with Quality Learning?


Are your tutors vetted?


How does Quality Learning ensure the safety of students?


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